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Barbara Daly Concealer in fair review

Whilst shopping yesterday I decided to try a concealer by Barbara Daly as I wasn’t completely satisfied with my current concealer. Barbara Daly concealer comes in very plain black and clear packaging and you can see inside to ascertain the colour. The concealer is very creamy and applies to your fingers or a brush very easily. I applied just a little to my problem areas and found that the redness was quickly camouflaged.

Obviously no concealer will ever be able to completely eradicate darkness or blemishes, but I felt whilst it helped reduce the redness it still doesn’t achieve the result I wanted. For example if you look closely you can still see a semi shadow under my eyes. Unfortunately the product also shifted on my nose and you can still see the blemish underneath.

At under £4 the product isn’t expensive and is good to grab if you’re looking for a great value concealer, but there are better products out there.

You can buy Barbara Daly makeup from Tesco.

The left side has concealer, the right side doesn’t

barbara daly concealer