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Avon True Colour Silky Eyeshadow Gilded


When it comes to Avon you either love it or hate it – or you’re inbetween.

As a Avon representative I find myself buying bits now and again but not too much, otherwise it will bite too much into the old commission!

However I decided to try Avon True Colour Silky eyeshadow in Gilded as I liked the colour as i’m a big fan of goldy/bronze. The tube is very long, almost like a mascara tube so I have no doubt this eyeshadow will have some staying power!

To apply you simply take the wand out and gently pat onto your eyelid. The shadow goes on quite well but it does have that rather sticky feel you get when you put wet shadow onto your eyelid.

The trouble I normally have with these wet application eyeshadows is that they so often crease they’re not worthwhile bothering with. However I felt that with Avon True Colour eyeshadow it had more staying power then I gave it credit.

The colour did last most of the day and I felt the colour suited me so I felt quite good about myself that day. The wand is also great for applying under your bottom lashes, as with a typical eyeshadow it can be quite tricky to get a nice line as there’s no applicator. (unless you buy one of course!)

I would say the only major downside is that the liquid applies quite thinly so it is quite hard to build up a real well of colour. However from afar the effect is pretty much the same – a goldy bronze eyeshadow that gives you a bit of glam.




If you are by any chance interested in getting a Avon representative and you’re in the Medway area just drop me a email!