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9 jewellery care tips to help your jewels last longer

9 jewellery care tips to help your jewellery last longer

When you’ve spent hundreds on your jewellery collection you want it to last. Here’s my 9 top jewellery care tips 

The perfect way to compliment a outfit is through the use of jewellery. Whether you like one delicate piece or you like your whole body to be adorned with jewellery, we all have our favourite pieces. Over time jewellery can start to lose its attractiveness as the metal starts to dirty or the chain begins to look old. Here’s my top jewellery care tips to keep your jewellery looking as pretty as the first day it caught your eye.

Take your jewellery off before exercising

When you’re busy stretching, jumping and working your muscles you’re often not paying attention to what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing jewellery not only could it be dangerous if you get caught on something (ripped ear lobe anyone?) but you could quite easily snap your necklace or bracelet. Make sure you remove all your jewellery before taking part in any sports.

Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth

If you haven’t cleaned your jewellery for a while it may start to get covered with dirt and grime. By buffing your jewellery with a soft cloth you can help to restore its natural shine.

Going travelling? Store your jewellery properly

If you’re taking a few items of jewellery with you when you go away, make sure you pack them properly. There’s nothing more frustrating and time consuming then trying to unravel twisted necklaces when you just want to get ready.

Keep them covered

For those precious items you want to protect from the world it’s best to store them in a secure jewellery box. They’ll be protected from external elements and will stay warm and dry. The best jewellery boxes have soft padded boxes to keep your precious jewels undamaged.

Give your silver a real shine

If your silvers looking dull you can restore its shine with a dip cleaner. It will help you to clean it without damaging the pieces.

9 jewellery care tips to help your jewellery last longer

Store different types of items separately

If you’ve got lots of different types of jewellery – pearls, rings, necklaces make sure you store them all separately. If the items are too close together they may knock each other and get damaged.

Wear with care

When getting ready for work or when cleaning make sure you’re aware of any chemicals and sprays you may be using whilst wearing your jewellery. Abrasive sprays and man made chemicals could affect your jewellery and damage the finish causing discolouration.

Be careful with antique jewellery

Antique jewellery is precious and should be handled with care. Avoid using any sort of chemicals around it and don’t use water on them. Seek a specialist for jewellery care tips on the best way to clean and take care of them.

Take care with gemstones

If you’re lucky enough to own jewellery with real Ruby’s or opals you’ll want to make sure you give them extra loving care. You can clean them with soapy water and a soft brush or use a specially designed jewellery cleaner.

I hope these jewellery care tips will help your jewellery look amazing for years to come. Thank you to The Diamond Store for providing the heart necklace for this post.

9 top jewellery care tips