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6 ways to disguise a bad hair day

6 ways to disguise a bad hair day

There’s nothing worse then waking up in the morning and realising you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. You fear if you step out the door people will go running thinking a zombie has risen from the dead. To avoid the repercussions a zombie defence army could have here’s 6 top tips you can use to disguise a bad hair day.

Use dry shampoo!
Dry shampoo is like heaven in a bottle, especially if you don’t have access to a bathroom for the next few days (if you’re at a festival for example.) It can help tame any flyaways and make your hair look more groomed.

Re-wet or rewash your hair
You may have just washed it so this may sound like a pain but if your hair is really in disarray giving it another wash may help.

Detangle your hair
One of the best ways to sort a bad hair day is to detangle any knots or kinks that are causing the problem. Apply a little Detangle spray then slowly pull a brush through your hair. Don’t be too heavy or forcefully rip through the knots as this could make it worse.

Straighten it
A lot of bad hair days can be down to fly away, kinky hair that makes you look like you’ve got a birds nest on your head. One of the most simple ways to sort this is to straighten it. A lot of straighteners nowadays come with ceramic plates and ionic technology which helps to tame your hair and leave it looking sleek and shiny.

Curl it
If your hair is a mass full of curls that you really don’t have the strength to work out then why not work with it. Use a curling tong to take the hair and create normal looking curls.

Pull it into a plait
Plaits are great for taking all the hair on the head and securing it away in a neat braid. You can use a Frizz Ease serum to reduce any remaining fly aways.

I hope you find these tips useful when you’re having a nightmare with your hair. Have you tried any of these before?