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5 steps towards the perfect autumn night in

5 steps for the perfect autumn night in

The nights have become longer and the chill is starting to set in. In the autumn everything seems to settle down and the rush of the summer fades. With everyone opting for that cosy night in it’s the perfect time to rush home, draw the curtains and embrace the chance to just let your hair down without feeling like you have to be somewhere. To get started on your perfect autumn night in just follow these 5 simple steps.

Get cosy

First up you need to get changed out of your work clothes into something a little more comfortable. Whether that’s your unicorn onesie or an oversized jumper that’s up to you – but remember you don’t need to dress to impress.

Snack on some seasonal treats

With the weather getting colder you won’t be needing that bikini for a while so you can have a cheeky splurge without feeling guilty. Autumn has some fabulous seasonal treats including apple pie, pumpkin soup, blackberry crumble and more.

Set the mood

Scented candles are the perfect accessory for a autumn night in. They’ll make your room smell amazing and will really help you to chill out.

Snuggle up on your sofa

The sofa is the hub of the home- a perfect little haven you can sink into and watch endless box sets. To avoid your leather sofa getting chilly drape it in furry warm throws and cushions. You can even wrap yourself in them if your toes start getting cold.

It’s time to think of number one

You may spend all day running around at work or looking after your kids but there comes a time when you should think about number one. Get out your top pampering treats and unwind in a hot bath with a good book. Make sure you focus on your skin to avoid it drying out. Check out my article on how to make the most of your pampering night for tips on how to get started.

5 steps for the perfect autumn night in