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5 dos and donts every gel nails addict needs to know

5 Dos And Don’ts Every Gel Nail Addict Needs To Know

Gel nails are the next big thing when it comes to nail design. Gel nail polish makes it easier than ever to achieve salon quality manicure results from the comfort of your home! You don’t need to be a beauty guru or a stylist to master the gel nail polish look, but you do need to be willing to learn the ins and outs of gel nail polish. Unlike traditional nail polish, there are some special steps that can completely make or break your manicure! Here are five dos and donts every gel nail addict needs to know to have the best looking nails every time!

Do understand how gel nail polish is different

Before you can do anything, you should understand why gel nail polish is different to traditional nail polish. Regular nail polish might be resistant to chips (if you buy a high-quality polish, that is) but it won’t be chip free. When you apply regular polish, you usually apply a base coat and top coat. This creates a barrier between your nail and the actual polish.

This is the opposite when it comes to gel polish. Gel polish is applied without a base coat directly to your nail. Gel polish is then “set” with either a UV light or a special curing chemical. Because gel polish is adhered directly to the top layer of your nail, these manicures can last anywhere from two to three weeks or even more without chipping!

Do shake your gel polish before you begin painting

The unique formula in gel polish is really thick and needs to be shaken before you can begin painting. If you don’t shake the polish enough you’ll notice an unusual consistence when painting and this can actually ruin your manicure! You can use a professional polish shaker or just use your hands.

Don’t pick the edges of your nail polish!

If you’ve heard that gel polish can ruin your nails, this is because people often use a harsh removing process that pries the polish from the top layer of the nail. This is not the proper, safe way to remove gel polish, and it will lead to damage to the nail. If you notice the edges lifting or a small chip in your gel polish before you’re ready to remove it, just touch it up instead of picking at the polish. Adding a thin top layer to that section of the nail is usually enough to cover the crack and seal in the top layer once again until it’s time to repaint.

5 Dos And Don’ts Every Gel Nail Addict Needs To Know gel nails

Do prep your nails properly before you paint

Unlike a traditional manicure, you have to make sure your nails are properly prepped before you can start painting with gel polish. To prep your nails, use an alcohol swab or q-tip to clean the top layer of your nail. Make sure you remove all dust, dirt, and lint since these can prevent your polish from adhering to your nail. If you skip the preparation, you might notice your gel polish chipping early or not lasting the full two weeks! A little bit of effort can go a long way!

Don’t forget to hydrate your nails!

Taking care of your nails is essential to making your manicure last! You should get into the habit of hydrating your nails daily with cuticle creams and lotions. The right hydrating treatment will make sure your nails are healthy and will prevent breakage. You don’t have to use fancy nail treatments or lotions, you can even use things you likely have lying around  the house already. Honey and jojoba oil, for instance, are two ingredients that can make a powerful cuticle oil or cream!

Get the best gel manicure yet with these tips!

These five dos and don’t for gel nail polish will make sure your nails always look their best! Gel manicures are a popular way to have great looking nails that last. Just make sure you’re using a great gel polish like pink gellac. You can get more details here to see what polish is right for you, whether you’re a gel polish newbie or a long-time expert! Enjoy your gel nails!

Guest post by Ashley Lipman

5 do's and don'ts every gel addict should know