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4 apps that pay you to exercise

4 apps that pay you to exercise

What better motivation to get fit is there then apps that pay you to look good and feel great

whether you’re a real gym buddy or you spend every night treading the streets, exercise is a great way of getting fit or losing weight. Whatever your reason for exercising wouldn’t it feel even better to know you could get paid for it? No I’m not joking there’s really apps that pay you for working out.

4 apps that pay you to exercise sweatcoin


Sweatcoin is a personalised app that exchanges the steps you do for points. You can save your points and redeem them for things like experiences or fitness related items like a Fitbit. Sweatcoin offers some really good rewards like $1000 and a IPhone XS. These rewards require a lot of hard work and determination (you need around 2 years of steps to cash out these baby’s) but in all honesty I think that’s a pretty amazing reward for something you’d do anyway! If you don’t think you can save for that long there are smaller rewards like a free month of Headspace or a paper wallet. You can also get a free £1 sweat coin each day just for logging in.

Download free on the App store or Google Play

4 apps that pay you to exercise fitcount


Fit-count has a number of offers and discounts which you can unlock by walking a certain amount of steps. You won’t get paid with real money or items but you can get a nice bit of money off something you were going to buy anyway. For example you can get a free gift box with every order at Molton Brown; this will cost you 10,000 steps. It’s a good way of getting a discount off something that may not be available on most cashback sites.

Download free on the App store

4 apps that pay you to exercise fitcoin


Fitcoin is a fitness app that rewards you for exercising with bitcoin. All you need to do is plug in your fitness tracker – you can use a Fitbit or the health app on the iPhone and you’re set to go. Exercise as you would normally and then update the app with how many calories you’ve burned to earn bitcoins. You will need to sign up for a Bitshares account to start earning.

Download for free on the App Store

4 apps that pay you to exercise dietbet


DietBet is a little different to the other apps as you compete with other dieters to see who’s can meet their dieting target. Whilst the app is free the games are not and each game requires a pledge to join in. Each pledge goes into a pot and the winners will each have a piece of the pot once the competition ends. For example you can pledge $25 on the basis that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If you win you get a reward, if you don’t you will lose and won’t get any money back. If you’re money motivated this is a fabulous way of getting a reward for losing the weight you desire. Your weight loss is verified through photos you submit through the app (so no cheating!).

Available for free on the App Store and Google Play

Whatever the weather you’ll find a whole new desire to hit the gym with the apps that pay you to get fit. Do let me know in the comments box how you get on!

apps that pay you to exercise