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2True Colordrench Lip Gloss

This lovely little lipgloss dropped through my letter box the other day. The lipgloss comes in average packaging and can easily be fitted into a makeup bag or handbag. The colour I had recieved was only identified as 6 so I’d have to be n the shop to see what tone it is. From looking I can see it is a dark pink berry colour and the lip gloss aims to be a intense colour, high shine lip gloss.

The gloss is very easy to use, on opening it has a little brush which you can apply the gloss. The product has a lovely vanilla smell which you’ll just want to eat!

After applying I could see that the gloss had left quite a nice shine on my lips but I can’t say there was any increase in colour. Perhaps with a darker shade the colour change may have been more evident.

Overall a very nice ,cute little lip gloss that half lives up to what it claims to. But at a couple of quid you’re hardly going to complain are you!?



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