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22 Fun Autumn activities

22 fun autumn activities

Now Summer’s over you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to replace the fun of sunbathing, dipping your feet in the sea and soaking up the sun in the pub garden. Whilst Autumn isn’t great for catching some rays, there’s still lots of fun you can have this season with my list of 22 fun Autumn activities.

Go apple picking

Whilst the majority of apples get harvested in August, there are still late season apples which you can pick in Autumn.

Leaf jumping

Relive your childhood by jumping in leaves.

pumpkin picking

Pick a pumpkin

Pretty standard fare for Autumn but a fun way to while away an afternoon. Try to find one of the most craziest looking pumpkins and show it off on social media.

Escape a corn maze

Test your wits and try to escape a corn maze. Be careful or you might hit a dead end!

go for a hike this autumn

Go for a hike

If you’re a fan of walking why not embrace the crisp Autumn air and go for a hike across the country. You’ll get fresh air and feel a lot healthier as a result.

Rent a cabin

Why not try something different at the weekend and rent a cabin in the great outdoors. They often come with a hot tub too.

collect colourful leaves

Collect colourful leaves

No one leaf is the same and you can have fun collecting a range of different colours. Perfect for a scrap book activity.

Plant some flowers

Whilst a lot of flowers have to be planted in Spring time, you can actually plant a few in the Autumn ready to bloom in the spring. Examples include Begonias, Dahlia’s and Crocus.

Make a pinecone bird feeder

In the Autumn/winter it’s a lot harder for birds to find food as the weather gets colder. Why not make a little bird feeder for your feathery friends to help them out.

take a drive in the country

Take a drive in the country

Let your hair down and get some lovely views as you breeze through the countryside.

Make some cakes

Take advantage of the colder weather and bake some cakes. It’ll warm up your kitchen and your belly. The perfect thing to cook for the season would be Autumn and pumpkin pies.

Buy winter vegetables at a farmers market

Like your winter veg? The best vegetables to buy at this time of year are winter squash and brussel sprouts.

eat a toffee apple this halloween

Eat a toffee apple

You only get these once a year and it’s definitely worth enjoying the sweet goodness whilst you can.

Make butternut squash soup

Make a warming treat with some delicious homemade butternut squash soup.

Drink some hot cider

Make your favourite tipple a bit more of a Autumn treat by warming it up to suit the cooling weather.

bake some pumpkin bread

Bake some pumpkin bread

Have you  ever tried pumpkin bread? No? Why not try something new and have a delicious slice of warm pumpkin bread.

Go to a halloween event

Whether it’s a haunted maze or a spooky ghost hunt, make sure you take part in a ghoulish event this halloween.

carve a pumpkin

Carve a pumpkin

One of the most fun things about Autumn. Grab a pumpkin and show off your creativity skills.

Make a halloween costume

If you’ve got a party to go to why not make your own halloween costume instead of buying one?

watch your favourite halloween movie

Watch your favourite Halloween movie

If you prefer the classic slashes like the aptly named  Halloween or Scream then Autumn is the perfect time of year to catch up on your favourite scary movie.

Throw a Halloween party

Transform your house into a chamber of horrors and throw a halloween party. Create some ghoulish punch and bob for apples. You’ll have a blast.

learn to knit autumn activities

Learn to knit

With the weather getting colder it’s the perfect time to learn to knit. There’s lots of information online and in magazines to help you get started.

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