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How to promote your posts using social media

how to promote your posts using social media

Everyone uses social media. You can’t get very far without followers, and in order to get those followers, you’re going to need to promote your posts. A big audience is seen as a symbol of success, especially if you’re trying to make a name for yourself as an influencer. If you want to gain that huge audience, properly promoting your posts is a huge part of your strategy. Take a look at your content and get to work.

Share your best stuff

One of the best things about social media posts is that if they’re great, they all have the potential to go viral. If you’re promoting something that really isn’t the best, chances are slim that it’s going to take off by itself. Promote things like tutorials because people will immediately see the value in them. They’re learning something for free, and they’re more likely to share that information with their friends.

It’s okay to repromote old content as long as its relevant again. Trends have a tendency to pop up, die off, and return. You don’t necessarily have to create new content if something you have in your archives is coming back into popularity. Even if it merely has nostalgia value, people love throwbacks. Participating in throwback events with hashtags might help you gain the maximum amount of exposure out of old content – it gets a second or even third breath.

To pay or not to pay

There are paid ways to promote your posts, and free ways to promote your post. The best free way is by cross promoting. You put something on your blog or your website, and then share it across all of your social media accounts. Inevitably, more than just your blog followers will stumble upon it. You’ll also be keeping your social media active while boosting your organic exposure, which is when people find out about you just by clicking around.

You can also pay to boost your post visibility. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all offer paid promotion. Some deals are better than others. They can guarantee that a lot more people than usual will see your post, but not that they will click on it. It’s worth paying if you’re certain that your thumbnail and text will work together to get you the clicks you want.

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Keeping your new followers

Promoting your posts is only effective if you have something to back it up. You got the exposure you wanted, but you need to make sure that those people don’t disappear after they’ve enjoyed one or two things you’ve posted. It might be a good idea to incorporate some kind of email marketing to retain the people who have been checking you out. They’ll get reminders about you and updates on the things you’re currently doing.

Get a team

If you’re frequently promoting your posts, you’re going to have a lot more followers than you know what to do with. This is where it becomes important to hire a social media team to answer questions, post on your behalf, and interact with your followers. A social media team can keep your profiles running smoothly while keeping your engagement up.

Promoting your posts with social media can only help you stand out. Even if you’re doing it the hard way without spending any money, you’re bound to see more success than you would by just posting things and letting nature take its course.

Guest post by Kate Thora who is a Senior Content Specialist for BizSet.

how to promote your posts using social media to increase your blog traffic