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10 popular posts from Glitz and Glamour Makeup in 2018

10 popular posts from Glitz and Glamour Makeup in 2018

Another year is at a close and it’s time to reveal 10 of the most popular posts from 2018.

Can you believe 2018 is pretty much over? I swear every year seems to go quicker as I get older. Over the course of the year I’ve been writing about a whole range of makeup including Smashbox mascara and Revolution Pro foundation drops. I’ve also shared tips on the best skin care products for oily skin and how to get fast food for free. Of course out of all the posts I’ve written this year there are some posts that were a lot more popular than others; I’m going to share with you 10 of the most loved and popular posts on the blog.

how to get free stuff from big brands

How to get free stuff from big brands like Boots and Tesco

We all love a freebie don’t we – you lot certainly did and I can see why it’s in the top 10 popular posts. In this post I let you know how you can get full sized branded freebies simply for giving your opinion. Head over now to start getting free food, makeup and more.


15 ways to keep cool during summer

How to keep cool during summer and the chance to win a pampering kit

This summer was pretty amazing wasn’t it – and boy was it hot! I shared all the secrets on how you could keep as cool as possible whilst still looking good. Have a read and get some tips stored up for next year.

6 foods that help you stay awake at work

Six foods that help you stay awake and focused at work

the new year is the perfect time to get proactive and focus on how you can improve at work. Eating a good diet is a great place to start and this post will let you know how to stay energised at work.

win a fabulous beauty set

Win a fabulous Makeup Forever and Clinique Makeup set

What could be better than a competition to win not one – but two makeup sets. Find out what there was to win.

primark perfume designer dupes

Primark perfume reviews and designer dupes

I love Primark and when ever I go there I always end up coming out with more then I went in for. What I love most is there ability to recreate cheaper versions of popular favourites like Jo Malone and Lady Million perfume. Find out what dupes they have available.

get freebies with the wuntu app

How to get freebies with the Wuntu app

Another popular post is one that offers freebies (I’m sensing a theme here!) from the Wuntu app. Created by the phone giant 3 you can get amazing freebies like free food, cheap restaurant meals and cinema tickets. Find out how you can get involved now.

6 tips to care for your eyes and win a makeup forever basics eye set

Tips on how to care for your eyes and the chance to win a Makeup Forever Eye Basics set

Your eyes are one of your most precious senses and you should do everything you can to take care of them. Here you’ll find all the tips you’ll need to keep your vision strong for as long as possible.

l'oreal cherry my cheri eyeshadow palette review

L’Oréal Cherry My Cheri eyeshadow palette review

I was loving the colours in one of L’Oréal 2018 summer releases. It contained shades in matte and shimmery finishes and is perfect for creating a number of looks. Find out more here

father's day 2018 gift list

Father’s Day gifts 2018 and ultimate Adventures Smartbox competition

To help pick the perfect gift for the dad who has more ties then he can handle I created this versatile gift list. You might even still be able to get some inspiration for next year!

How to make money using your receipts

Get paid to upload receipts using apps like Receipt Hog

If you didn’t know you can earn money from your receipts you will after reading this post. I cover the hottest apps and websites that will allow you to earn money from the shopping you do anyway.

If your favourite post is not on my popular posts list don’t forget to let me know what you loved in the comments box below.

10 must see popular posts from 2018