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Wow Beauty goody bag contents revealed!

Everyone at the Wow beauty event (read more about the event here) got to go away with a little goody bag. Inside were some fabulous products including some gorgeous looking makeup that I’m super excited to try.

1. Vita Coco natural coconut water
A natural coconut water for those that want to stay healthy. Not really my cup of tea as I like my drinks to be a little more unhealthy.

2. Wow Beauty cupcake
If you read my review of the event, you’ll note that I thought the cupcakes were delicious! They tasted so fresh and the consistency of the cake was perfect.

3. Fashion Fair lip teaser Chocolate Raspberry
I love the vibrancy of this shade it is just the perfect shade of vivacious pink. The lip gloss does look great but has a rather odd smell.

4. Fashion Fair lip liner in Chocolate Raspberry
Another part of the set is the lip liner which is a rich raspberry shade. The colour is strong and has good staying power.

5. Fashion Fair lipstick in Chocolate Raspberry
The final part of the set is the lipstick which has the same gorgeous vibrant raspberry shade as the lip gloss. It looks creamy with a buttery consistency and has a pleasant vanilla scent.

6. REN Wake Wonderful Nighttime facial
This REN cream is designed to give skin more radiance. Best used over night so your skin can repair itself.

I love trying new things and it’s great that they’ve included a range of products all in the same shade so that I can use them together. What do you think of the goody bag, do you love the colour of the lip products? Do let me know what you think!