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Where to buy cheap Christmas gifts if you’re shopping on a budget

Where to buy cheap Christmas gifts if you're shopping on a budget

Make your Christmas budget stretch further by shopping savvy. I’ve found a great selection of budget retailers that will enable you to spoil your family with cheap christmas gifts from big brands

Christmas has definitely become more commercialised in recent years and that can often put pressure on you to spend hundreds of pounds to make your friends and family happy. There’s no denying that Christmas can be very expensive and there’s no point working yourself to the bone to buy lots of gifts that you can barely afford. You can still get cheap christmas gifts that your family will love without spending a fortune – you just have to look in the right places.


Whilst it may seem cheap Poundland actually sell a lot of branded items. You can find a great selection of sweet treats, chocolate, children’s books and toys all for £1.00! If your kids are prone to breaking things it will save you money in the long run too. The perfect place to buy cheap christmas gifts.


Everyone’s favourite budget retailer has a great range of sweets, chocolate, makeup and toys to choose from. Items are often quite a bit cheaper then you’d normally find them on the high street so you could save quite a few quid in the long run.


For that beauty conscious sister or niece Aldi is the place to go. They have an amazing collection of branded makeup dupes which imitate big names like Nars, Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury. Whilst the names are different the packaging is pretty much identical so you can’t miss them.

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If you’re looking for budget toys then Poundtoy is a great place to start. They have a mixture of branded and unbranded toys but whatever it is prices remain low. With a budget of just £50.00 you can guarantee you’ll be able to really treat your nieces, nephews and kids this year. You’ll love it so much it’ll be top on your list for cheap christmas gifts next year.

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From the creator of Poundland came Poundshop. You’ll find a mixture of sweets, chocolate, toys, makeup and perfume on the site. Most of the stuff is £1.00 but you may pay a bit more for special member only deals like a Disney Princess filled backpack set and a gorgeous sparkly ceiling pendant light fitting. If you’re running low on funds Poundshop is a great way of buying lots of cheap christmas gifts for your friends and family.

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Wish is a app that has an extensive collection of toys, clothing, jewellery and makeup for very low prices. Often items cost from £1.00 to £12.00 and are great quality. The items do take a little while to arrive as they’re coming from China and the postage does add up so that’s something to watch out for.

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I hope you have fun Christmas shopping this year. With all the money you’ll save buying cheap christmas gifts you might even be able to buy a few treats for yourself!

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