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What is strobing?

You may have heard on the beauty grapevine of the new trend that is all the rage, strobing. It may have got you wondering, what is strobing?

Strobing is quite simply a fancy term for highlighting. Unlike contouring, strobing is a lot easier to master and will give you a shimmery, more youthful glow. The idea is to get a dewy complexion by ‘strobing’ your skin.

So how do you achieve it?

1. First you’ll want to use a really good hydrating moisturiser to rid your skin of any dry patches.

2. Use a highlighter shade that matches your skin tone. You’ll want a shade that complements your skin for a subtle shimmer.


3. Use your highlighter on spots that would normally catch the light, these include your cheekbones, your nose, below your brow, in the corners of your eyes and your cupid’s bow. By only highlighting these areas you will enhance your natural features without looking like a ridiculous glitter ball. Everyone knows that’s not a good look. If your have oily patches such as your forehead avoid applying highlighter as you don’t need added shine.

4. Once you’ve applied your highlighter blend it out with a fan brush, your fingers or a damp makeup sponge so you don’t have any harsh lines or obvious blobs of product showing.

5. For those with oily skin try to keep the rest of your products as matte as possible. Use a matte foundation, bronzer and blush so it’s only the highlighter adding extra shine. If you have any spots or blemishes don’t highlight that area as it will become very noticeable.

Do you ladies highlight much? I love the glow highlighting can give, it really makes you look so much healthier. What do you think?