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Top nail trends for 2017

top nail trends in 2017

Beautiful and pretty nails are the essential part of your look. When choosing the right nail design, it`s important to pay attention to the latest beauty and fashion trends. Every year we see the beauty industry please us with brand-new, creative and sometimes a bit crazy nail designs and ideas and as soon as they appear we take them up and start experimenting. So check out the cute, quirky and incredibly fascinating designs that will inspire you during 2017.

metallic nails 2017

Melted Metals
Metallic nails is the hottest 2017 nail trend and had a major movement on the 2017 runways. Ranging from holographic silver to shiny gold it`s also possible to pair chrome nails with French or ombre designs. Metallic nails are popular amongst fashionistas as the mirror effect is simply stunning, if you don’t want to paint your whole hand you can opt for just one or two holographic nails. The chrome nails will suit any nail length and any nail shape whether they are oval, square or pointed.

Accent Cuticles
Be ready to embellish your cuticles this year with Accent Cuticles. This is quite a tricky design and not all colors will suit this mani. Try gray or black outlines and give priority to the neutral nail base.

nude nails trend 2017

Nude Nails
In 2017 we`re striving for the most natural nude nails as they always look so fresh and healthy. The delicate manicure is perfect to emphasise your individuality! By the way, it is one of the simplest (and easy to maintain) trends of this year that you can decorate by adding one or more thin lines.

Asymmetrical French
French nails are considered a traditional design that can complete any look. A lot of women prefer it to many other stunning designs and this year has been no exception! Beauty is constantly changing and this year the traditional French manicure has taken a twist – asymmetrical french nails. Instead of having a neat line on the top of your nails you have an asymmetrical line or lines that make your manicure eye-catching and unusual.

pastel colours nail trend 2017

Pastel Colors
If you want to add some color in your life routine, but bright hues aren’t your style, it would be better to choose pastels. After all, they never go out of style.


Guest post by Nancy Cooper