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Experience a new perfume every month with The Fragrance Shop

experience a new perfume every month with the fragrance shop scentaddict subscription

Bored of the same old perfumes? Now you can try something new perfume every month with The Fragrance Shop unique subscription box

Nowadays there are so many subscription boxes where you can monthly surprises of everything from beauty to food and drink. For those beauty lovers out there we are spoilt for choice with a huge range of beauty boxes aimed at different budgets. Whilst most beauty boxes often contain a good selection of beauty and skin care samples what they often lack is a insight into the new perfumes currently on sale. In all the beauty boxes I’ve tried I think I’ve only received a few tiny perfume vials to try. The fragrance market is huge and there are so many gorgeous scents that will make you feel amazing all day long. So what do you do if you want to try new perfumes without spending lots of money in case you don’t like it? Scentaddict from The Fragrance Shop has the answer.

Scentaddict is the brand new way to discover perfumes and find the one without buying a full size bottle. The subscription box costs £12.00 a month and lets you select from 250 fragrances (perfume or aftershave). Over 50 big brands feature including big players like Chanel and Dior. Every month you will receive a travel sized atomiser filled with a 30 day supply of your chosen scent. If you decide you want to change your choice you can still change what you’ve selected right up to dispatch day. If you really love the perfume you receive you can even redeem your £12.00 subscription fee at The Fragrance Shop against a full size product.

experience a new perfume every month with the fragrance shop scentaddict subscription perfumes

When The Fragrance Shop gave me the chance to try the subscription service I was pretty excited. I’m a real perfume addict and already have over 50 scents so this was a great way of trying something new. As you can see in the picture the vial is quite large and you’ll get a 8ml sample of perfume. Whilst the sample is not huge if you use it sparingly it will probably last longer than 30 days. The website is really easy to use and you simply add all your chosen fragrances (up to 12) to your shopping bag. Every month you will receive one of your chosen scents as long as your subscription is active. I chose Gucci Bloom and i’m loving my new perfume.

Scentaddict is a great way to try a new form of subscription service. I was however expecting one or two perfume samples so I was a little surprised when there was only one. There are a great range of fragrances to choose from and you’re bound to find something you’ll like. At £12.00 you may find it a little pricey for what you get but it’s nicely packaged and is a great way into tapping into the perfume market.



experience a new perfume every month with scentaddict