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Skin Chemists Bee Venom Facial Serum review

skin chemists bee venom facial serum

What the brand says
If you suffer from tired, dull skin that’s a lot less youthful than you might like, you may want to jump onto the bee venom train.

Skin Chemists Bee Venom Facial serum uses a combination of three skin enhancing ingredients, bee venom, hyaluronic acid and Tego Cosmo C250 to reduce ageing and brighten skin.

The Lowdown
Bee Venom is a popular ingredients in face creams and serums and is renowned for its skin enhancing properties as it helps skin to remain taut and bounce back into shape.

The serum appears to be an all rounder with claims that it will lift, firm and brighten skin, leaving skin fresh and youthful. Whilst the Skin Chemists Bee Venom Eye Serum unfortunately didn’t work for me, I’m hoping the Face Serum will ultimately reduce my dark circles and soften out my fine lines (especially in my t-zone, yes that again!)

The serum can be used twice a day, morning and evening, and a small pea sized amount is all that’s needed. The serum has a really pleasant fresh smell, isn’t sticky and was absorbed into my skin really quickly. There was no tingling after use or any other ill effects. The results I noticed almost instantly was a reduction in the sagginess in the skin around my eyes. The skin looks a lot more taut and the creased skin had almost disappeared completely. The effect doesn’t last for ages but it’s good to see and possibly may have a more long lasting effect long term. I didn’t notice any brightening effects on the first try but this is something I’d expect to see a little later on.

I’m going to try out the serum for the next 6 weeks to see the effect it has and then I’ll post back the results. Keep checking in to see how I get on!

Get it for £79.95 at Amazon

Warning – this may be obvious but please don’t use if you’re allergic to bees!