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Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara review

It promises a false lash effect with length and volume but does Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara really deliver? I reveal all in my latest review.

Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara review

Rimmel have extended their Wonder’Full mascara family with the creation of Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara. Each member of the Wonder’Full mascara family has been designed with a different aim in mind, whether it’s to care for your eyes with Argan oil or condition your lashes with vitamin and a cucumber extract. The newest addition Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara has been created with nylon fibres to give you a false lash effect with added length and increased volume.

So does Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara really work?

Brands have been using nylon fibres in mascaras for years as a way of increasing volume of lashes and giving a false lash effect. Typically this has resulted in itchy, irritated eyes as the fibres drop off the mascara into the eye.

Thankfully Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara does not have the same uncomfortable effect as most typical nylon mascaras. It has a long flexible plastic brush with bristles that increased gradually along the brushes length. The flexibility of the brush is great as I can easily get to the most awkward lashes. The nylon fibres seem to be mixed really well into the formula and I didn’t notice any irritation at all.

The formula is quite wet and it didn’t take long to get full coverage. I did find the mascara was really quite messy and it seemed to make a lot of my lashes stick together leaving them looking quite clumped. To get the after effect in the photo I had to separate my lashes for a fully defined look. The mascara adds a small amount of volume but it’s definitely not on the level that I was expecting, I can’t say I noticed much change in the length of my lashes.

Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara review before and after

Sadly I’m not the biggest of Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara. I was expecting more volume and my lashes were left more clumped than any other mascaras I’ve tried. I would probably give this one a miss in future. If you want a great budget mascara Essence Lash Princess is perfect and a steal at just £3.30.

I give it 2/5

If you want to try it out for yourself you can buy Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara for £7.99 here.



rimmel wonder'fully real mascara review