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Restore life to dry damaged hair with Restora Protein treatment

Restore life to dry damaged hair with Restora Protein treatment

Do you use your straighteners so much your hairs gasping for life? Give it back it’s vitality with Restora Protein treatment set

Like most girls I love my hair to look sleek and well groomed and often that involves using a lot of heated appliances. Whilst straighteners make my hair look great, my hair is not a fan and will often end up looking dry with split ends. What I needed was a hair miracle, a treatment that will give my hair a new lease of life. So when I heard about Restora hair treatment I was excited to give it a try. Restora hair treatment is a innovative three step process that uses a unique protein formula to rebuild damaged hair. The set comes with a shampoo, conditioner and protein treatment that promises to give salon worthy results at home. It claims to help prevent colour fade and hair breakage keeping your hair looking great between hair appointments.

Restora has been created based on Cystine science and the formula works on transforming the inner structure of your hair, reversing damage caused by chemical treatments, sunlight and heavy use of heated appliances. The three step process claims to take just 45 minutes and the results can last up to 6 weeks, leaving hair shiny with deep colour.

What is the Restora Protein Treatment application process like?

I’ve tried few hair treatments in the past and I have to admit I was surprised at how long this treatment took to apply from start to finish. Here’s what was involved:

The treatment is comfortable on my scalp and didn’t leave it with the burning sensation many traditional shampoos can give. Whilst I didn’t notice much of a scent on the shampoo and conditioner, the treatment itself has a lovely fruity scent. I did notice I was using quite a lot of product on one application so it seems like it won’t last that long. After finishing the three step process I dried my hair with a hair dryer. I styled it the next day so it was a little tangled but not too bad. My hair felt soft to the touch and definitely had more of a deeper shine then normal, albeit not as glossy as the hair adverts (unfortunately). My hair does look really healthy and quite shiny after applying but it is quite a lengthy process to get to the end product. I like to wash my hair, apply a treatment and then style it – so to have to wash it once, dry it and then wash it again is quite honestly a bit of a chore. The Restora Protein treatment set is probably better for when you’ve got a big night planned or you’ve got plenty of time for some pampering me time. I give it 2/5

Get the full set for £29.99

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