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Primark PS Velvet Finish foundation review

primark ps velvet finish foundation review

Get a second skin effect with Primark PS Velvet Finish foundation

Foundation is probably one of the most expensive parts of your makeup kit and when you buy one you want it to work. Whilst many expensive foundations promise you’ll be walking around like you’ve just walked off the set of Britain’s Next Top Model, not all live up to their promise. I love trying out budget beauty products as often they’ll provide the same if not better results then their pricier counterparts. Primark Velvet Finish foundation was one of my latest beauty buys. With the promise of a second skin finish this is one foundation I couldn’t wait to try.

primark ps velvet finish foundation review

When I’m shopping for a foundation I want a product that can cover most of my blemishes whilst providing a seamless air brushed like finish. Primark PS Velvet finish foundation has been designed to give a seamless finish with light to medium coverage. It’s available in 6 shades so the coverage range is not huge. It also seems like they cater more for lighter skin tones then dark. Despite its budget price at only £6.00 it has a premium feel to it thanks to its frosted glass bottle. It has a dropper applicator which is a little hit and miss to use (more miss) as it doesn’t always fill up completely. The dropper feature also makes it a little messy to use as product builds up on the dropper and ends up clogged around the side of the bottle. The foundation has just the right consistency so it’s not too watery and blends really well. It looks slightly dark initially but looks much better when I’ve applied all my makeup. As you can see from the before and after photo it does pretty well in concealing the pretty obvious blemish below my mouth, it also works reasonably well at covering my dark circles. I did still have to wear some concealer on top for full coverage. The finish is seamless and I love how there’s no cakiness even with powder on top.

primark ps velvet finish foundation before and after

Over the course of the day most of my makeup remained although it did fade around my blemishes. The velvet finish on my skin remained which I was quite impressed about, although it would have been better if the foundation could have stayed longer under my eyes and concealing red marks. The foundation didn’t sink into my skin and I love how smooth my skin looked in the evening – there’s nothing worse then a clumped effect. Despite its faults I do like Primark PS Velvet Finish foundation, although I can’t say it’s perfect because of the dropper feature, the messiness and how the coverage doesn’t stay on my blemishes.

I give it 3/5



primark ps velvet finish foundation review