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Primark PS… Strobe Highlighters review

primark ps... strobe highlighters

Primark is like a Aladdin’s cave, you go in not expecting to buy too much and come out laden with goods. Every now and then I’ll spot a little gem in their PS…beauty range which I just have to try. The PS…Strobe crayons were no different. With strobing still being a central part of the beauty scene, and as I do love a good highlighter I had to snap them up.

The set comes in a sealed plastic bag with three cream highlighters, rose, golden and sand. It comes with a sharpener so if you start to run out then you can easily sharpen them for more product. Typically I normally use powder highlighters as they tend to give a stronger shimmer effect but at £3 for the set I had to give them a go. When I swatched the crayons I noticed that they had quite a lot of pigment but they didn’t really have that iridescent effect that  you’d expect with a highlighter. Golden and Rose really remind me of a cream eyeshadow whilst sand is probably the only one that has the appearance of a highlighter.

primark ps... strobe highlighters swatch

The crayons are really easy to use and literally melt into my skin.

Both the golden and sand highlighter are incredibly subtle and it’s quite hard to see the effect unless you look up close. Sand is a lot more pigmented and you can clearly see that in the swatch.

Ps…Strobe Crayons are perfect if you’re looking for a low key look. They certainly don’t have the same effect as most powder highlights so if you’re expecting a strong impact you’ll probably be disappointed. The set is  £3 so you’re only paying £1 a highlighter which is pretty good value. Whilst they don’t have the strongest impact I think you can still have fun with them – and at £3 what have you got to lose?

I give it 3/5

You can get the set for £3 at Primark.