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Primark Chocolate Highlighter review

primark ps chocolate highlighter

When you can’t afford the real thing sometimes a makeup dupe is a great way of trying expensive makeup without the large price tag- especially if you’re not sure you’ll like it. After all once you’ve used it once it’s too late to return. If you love Too Faced Chocolate makeup range you’ll want to get down to Primark pronto- they have just unleashed their own Primark Chocolate range. The collection is very similar to Too Faced range, right down to the designs and even the unique chocolate smell. I bought pretty much their whole collection but for my review I’m trialling Ps Chocolate highlighter.

primark ps chocolate highlighter 1

The colours are gorgeous and quite different to what I was expecting. The pink based highlighter has swirls of gold, white and lighter pink in a powder format.

On the swatch the highlighter looks quite light, although you can clearly see the shimmer. On my face however the highlighter simply transforms and the highlight effect is pretty spectacular. Despite the highlighter appearing mostly pink it has more of a gold toned effect. The highlighter leaves a gorgeous gold shimmer that is visible from virtually all directions – even from the front. A lot of highlighters I’ve tried are only really visible when the light hits them so this is very different.

primark ps chocolate highlighter swatch

By the evening the highlighter was still visible and still looked as vibrant as it did when I first applied it. At £2.50 Primark Chocolate Highlighter is a great budget buy that has a strong intense highlight that doesn’t fade. A absolutely gorgeous highlighter that’s almost as cheap as chips and lasts all day – it even smells lovely too. I give it 5/5

Have you tried any of the new Primark Chocolate range? What did you think of it?

primark chocolate highlighter before and after



primark chocolate highlighter review