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Next Make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadow review


next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows

What the brand says
Next quad eyeshadows are perfect for illuminating eyes with four perfectly matched shades.


The lowdown
next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadowsThis quad palette has four shades that make it great for the festive season. It has a combination of light gold, gold, light brown and dark brown shades that can be used alone or together for lots of different looks.

The eyeshadow is super soft and glides on beautifully. Each shade is really pigmented and packs a lot of colour on my lid when applied.

I went for a smokey gold look which you can recreate using the instructions below:
1. I applied the lightest gold shades all over my lid
2. I shaded the light brow onto the outer third of my lid.
3. Finally I blended the darkest shade of brown onto the very edge of my lid.

It took quite a while to fully blend the shades together to make it look more natural. I like how the eyeshadow stays together and doesn’t crumble around my eye when I’m applying it. The gold shades seem quite light in the swatch whilst the brown shades seem quite vibrant and strong. I found both gold shades appear a lot more defined on the lid and the brown shades are quite a bit lighter. The finished look was a subtle smokey gold brown that was only let down as the shades didn’t seamlessly blend together.

next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows gold/brown

I do like the strong colour in this palette and I love the shimmer. The colour lasts all day without fading and I didn’t end up with eyeshadow underneath my eye.

I don’t believe these palettes are limited edition but there does appear to be quite a few palettes (including this one) missing from their website. I picked this up in the Next store and you’ll find a fair amount of their makeup available there to buy. I believe there are currently two other palettes in addition to the gold/brown shade I’ve reviewed today.

I give it  4/5

wearing next make me beautiful perfect look eyeshadows