New CID Cosmetics KohL Eyeliner


They’ve been voted best new makeup in Customer Beauty Awards – who are they – New Cid


New CID is a relatively new kid on the block for a make up brand. It’s not currently stocked in beauty outlets like Boots or Superdrug but it is on the up and up.

As part of the makeup I was kindly sent by their Pr company I’m currently testing the Kohl eyeliner. Some eyeliners you can buy are often quite hit and miss – they might be really stiff and end up scratching your eye or the pixel is so weak you get no result whatsoever. Luckily for CID I have to say they flew well above the rejects.

The eyeliner comes in a very long silver pencil shape, probably longer then any other Kohl pencil I’ve ever used which demonstrates its longevity. To apply I just remove the silver lid and rub it along my lower lashes.

The pencil applies really smoothly and generally there’s no snagging of my skin (except when I move it the wrong way) The line comes out really black and defined and it’s quite clear I could do a lot with this pencil. I applied the pencil this morning and so far it has not shifted so there’s a element of waterproofness there too.


A fantastic Kohl pencil all round with great results and styling.


Overall I’ll give it 5/5.

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  • Very long pencil so it’s bound to last you a very long time
  • Applies easily, you don’t have to fight with it
  • Deep black colour so it’s clear you’re wearing eyeliner
  • Doesn’t streak


  • Quite a new brand so not the easiest to get hold of

You can buy New CID cosmetics here