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The mystery shopping apps that help you earn up to £500 a month

Need some extra funds each month? Discover the mystery shopping apps that can help you make more money whilst doing something you love – shopping!

The mystery shopping apps that help you earn up to £500 a month

Mystery shopping has been a way for everyday people to make money for years now. In the last few years however the advance in mobile technology meant mystery shopping was literally transformed. No longer are you restricted to lengthy paper forms and reports, with 4g and location enabled apps you can complete shops through your phone wherever you are. Brands want to make sure items are shown in their full glory and that the best service is being offered. The best way to do this is through unannounced spot checks, this is where you come in. The jobs normally involve doing short audits in store or taking pictures of items. You are often given a few hours to complete the job, sometimes more depending on the app. In my latest post I’ll be telling you all about the mystery shopping apps you need to download. The links I’ve given are for the App store but most of these are available on Google Play as well, just do a quick search.

field agent is one of the mystery shopping apps that can help you earn $500 per month

Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the better paid mystery shopping apps. You will find that sometimes there will be a lot of jobs, whilst other times there will be none. Jobs vary from surveys on dry cat food to mystery shops at Pets At Home. They also often have a very well paid audit job at Asda that can only be done in the evening. Pay varies from £1.00 for a survey (that takes 2 minutes) to £7.50 for a mystery shop. You can cash out whenever you want to your nominated bank account.

Download Field Agent

Clic and Walk

With well paid jobs, this used to be one of my favourite mystery shopping apps. It offered a lot of technology jobs with checks on stereos and keyboards. Jobs have died down recently but I’ll keep it just in case more jobs come available. You might have more luck though. Pay was around £5.00 a job and they paid through PayPal.

Download Clic and Walk

be my eye mystery shopping

Be My Eye

If you want lots of jobs you need to download Be My Eye. They are quite picky though so pay strict attention to their instructions. Jobs vary from checks on Dyson products to ice cream. Pay is okay but not as high as the others – from £4.00 to £9.00 on average.

Download Be My Eye and use my code xq8xeg so we both get $1 after your first shop.

make money with streetspotr


If you love your fast food, Streetspotr will quickly become one of your favourites. A lot of the jobs involved taking pictures of Burger King menu boards or trying out a new product from the menu. They pay out through PayPal once your spot has been approved.

Download Streetspotr

use easyshift to make money


EasyShift have been around for a while now but have only recently come to the UK. They do a lot of jobs that require looking for certain items like medicine, baby products, tooth products etc. They also offer banking jobs from time to time although I’ve not seen any for a while. Pay is around £6.00-£15.00 depending on the job and how many pictures you have to take. They pay out automatically every week I believe to PayPal.

Download EasyShift

make money with smart spotter

Smart Spotter

This is a new one I found in the App Store last week. You have to complete a orienteering spot before they’ll let you loose on real spots. In the trainee spot you have to confirm what a number of abbreviations mean in relation to the app I.e. different forms of displaying products in store. I failed mine about six times so it may take a little while to complete but the retries are unlimited. At the moment there’s a job on sweets available but it’s a little far from me to complete. Pay is good at around £8.00 per spot.

Download Smart Spotter

use roamler to earn up to $500 per month


One of the most well known mystery shopping apps, Roamler often has a lot of jobs all over the country for you to complete. Jobs vary from checking what tea products are available to doing a mystery shop at 3. You do need to do a few experience tasks for free to build up your experience before you get access to many of the paid tasks. On signing up you will get one paid task at level one which is to check for tea products. Normal shops pay at around £8.00 per shop. You can cash out any time you want through PayPal but if your balance is below £20.00 you will be charged a small fee. Depending on your area you may need a invite code, The Money Shed can help you out with that once you’ve created 10 posts.

Download Roamler

use simply tasks to make money

Simply Tasks

Another new app I’ve discovered recently. Paid jobs are available straight away although not that many. You may have to do a preliminary task first before they open up the market for you to accept more work. On sign up you get to fill in a short survey which will instantly earn you £1.00. You can cash out through PayPal once you’ve hit £10.00.

Download Simply Tasks (the app is in English)