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MUA Professional 6 shade eyeshadow palette in Rusted Wonders

mua 6 shade palette in rusted wonders

mua 6 shade palette in rusted wonders swatches

What MUA Rusted Wonders claims to do

Rusted Wonders is a new 6 shade eyeshadow palette that has a collection of soft, silky shades. The shades have been designed with a colour scheme to compliment each other so they can easily be used together for different looks.

The Lowdown

The shades in this palette are gorgeous and I love the pearlised finish. There’s quite a few neutral shades in addition to the light bronze which has more of a metallic finish. The only odd one out is the red shade which doesn’t seem to quite fit with the rest of the colours.

When I first swatched the palette the lighter shades were coming out really faint so I was worried it wouldn’t be as pigmented as it looked on first impression. I needn’t have worried, whilst the first 3 shades are lot lighter they’re still pigmented, the last 3 shades however are so vibrant and pigmented it was great to see!

mua 6 shade palette in rusted wonders shades

For the look I went for I used the 3 shades on the right of the palette, the gold, light brown and dark brown. In retrospect the colours have been planned out quite well with the left 3 colours looking like they’d go together quite nicely.

To recreate my look here’s what you need to do:
1. I applied the light gold shade in the inner corner of my eye.
2. Next I applied the light brown to the outer 2/3 of my eye blending out to the end of my eyelashes
3. To add a bit of definition I blended the dark brown into the light brown on the very outer edge of my lid.

mua 6 shade palette in rusted wonders lookI’m actually really pleased with the finished result, it’s super pigmented and the shades blend together so well. There was no fall out when I was applying it and it lasts all day.

This is one beauty buy that I’m really glad I got (and I think it was free with a few other products in Superdrug). It applies really well, looks fab on and doesn’t break the bank.

Grab it for £3.50 in Superdrug or online