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The high paying MSR survey app that rewards you for your data

Fed up of poor paying survey panels? It’s time to join the MSR survey app and get paid what your valuable data is truly worth

get rewarded for your data with the msr survey app 4

When you’re doing a survey you want to know you’re getting a decent reward for giving your data away. If a surveys asking for your relationship status, how much you earn and your opinion on politics you expect to be paid more than £0.50. Whilst there are a few gems out there like Prolific and Populus Live the majority of survey panels pay poorly. That was my opinion till I discovered MSR survey app.

What is the MSR app?

Essentially the MSR app, like any traditional survey panel, pays you to share your data. When you first sign up you will be required to fill in a number of profiling surveys. These aren’t paid but allow you to become eligible for future paid surveys.

what surveys are on msr

What sort of tasks are available?

The majority of tasks available on the app are surveys; you will either get surveys from MSR themselves or from brands like Coca Cola. You can also get paid for connecting external accounts like your Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. Connecting your accounts takes just 1 minute and you can get paid £1.63 for something you’d normally do for free.

payments you can get from surveys

How much does each survey on the MSR app pay?

Whilst payments vary, you get paid very well considering how little time the surveys take to complete. The longest survey I’ve done on the app only took around 15 minutes. I’ve had the app for only a few weeks and I’ve already earned over £20. You’re very rarely screened out and if you are you still get a partial credit.

survey panel rewards

What rewards can you get with the MSR app?

There’s no PayPal which is a little disappointing but there are plenty of other vouchers to choose from. You can cash out once you’ve hit £10.00, £25.00 or £50.00. Voucher options include ASOS, B&Q, Argos, Cineworld, Costa, Crown Carveries, Inspire Travel Card, MasterCard and so much more.

If you’re looking for a great survey app you can do whilst you’re out and about MSR is a must have. Try it for yourself today.

get big rewards with the msr app