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Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer in Blondes Review

maybelline ny bricks bronzer blondes

What the brand says
Even if the sun doesn’t shine this Summer Maybelline has it in hand with their NY Bricks bronzer. Whilst most bronzers and highlighters come separately Maybelline has combined them in one compact to give a warm glow.

The palette is available in one shade Blonde.

maybelline new york brick bronzer in blondes review

The Lowdown
I saw this and thought it was so cute with the delicate multicoloured shimmer bricks. The shimmer bricks have fabulous glitter pigmentation and even the bronzer has quite a bit of sparkle within it. Strangely enough the product has the most amazing perfumed smell which is quite unusual to find in most cosmetics.

The bronzer is quite a light tan brown so doesn’t look too dark when applied. The shimmer bricks are very pigmented although the two lightest shades, the gold and pink are quite light. The gold bronze shimmer is the strongest and has quite intense pigmentation. When I applied the shimmer I swirled all the colours into one. The result was quite a muted version of the strongest gold/brown shimmer and it leaves a lovely sheen on my skin. I applied the bronzer on my forehead, under my cheekbones, along the side of my nose and on the side of my jaw. It really warmed my face up without making it look too dark and it looked like I had a lovely glow from catching the sun.

A lovely little product that does exactly what it claims to, it gives you a lovely glow without having to resort to burning yourself in the sun!

I give it 4/5

Grab it for £7.99 at Superdrug