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Discover how to make money with the Vypr app

Make extra money for that mascara you really want with the Vypr app. They will pay you for sharing your opinion about food and drink

Discover how to make money with the Vypr app

There are many great money making apps out there, but one of my favourites has to be Vypr. I first discovered the Vypr app a number of years ago when it was still pretty undiscovered. It is a app based all around food and you earn money based on food you like, supermarkets you visit and your family demographics. Perfect if you need a bit of extra money for a new mascara or foundation. Interested in finding out put more about Vypr? Read on.

Discover how to make money with the Vypr app 1

How does Vypr earn you money?

Everyday you are presented with a number of steers which are related to a various food topic. Point values vary but lately it has been around 10 points per steer. However points can be as high as around 50 points and you can earn more for instore steers.

Discover how to make money with the Vypr app 2

What do you do with the steer?

Click on each steer and answer the questions you’re shown. You may only have one question or several depending on what the steer is worth. This normally takes only a couple of seconds so it’s a really quick survey app. After you get to 10,000 points you can cash out £5 on PayPal or continue saving your points for higher rewards.

Whilst the vypr app is generally updated daily, sometimes you might login and no steers will be available. Keep checking in and you’ll soon find new steers to complete.

You can download the Vypr app for free on the App Store or Google Play store. If you think your friends would love to know how they could earn money from Vypr don’t forget to share!

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make money in a flash with vypr