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Lush Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar review

lush pop in the bath bubble bar review

What the brand says
Make your bath a citrus sensation with the Pop In the Bath Bubble Bars. These little colourful balls of fun are perfect for adding colour and a touch of relaxation to your bath time.

There are currently two colour combinations to enjoy; a bright blue base with a pink top flower and a bright pink base with a blue top flower.

The Lowdown
Can you believe this is one of my first ever Lush shops? you probably think that’s crazy but I’ve never had the urge to buy anything till now. Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar is super cute and reminds me of a cake pop. I picked up the bar with a pink base and a blue flower on top.

lush pop in the bath bubble bar demo

Unlike a lot of Lush products the Bubble Bar is designed to create a bubble bath which both scents and colours the water. To use I crumbled the bar under the running water which quickly created lots of bubbles like you can see in the photo. The bar can be used twice for extra use but it’s a bit fiddly and a lot of crumbs ended up on the floor. Whilst I thought all of the bar had dissolved I found lots of crumbs in the bath when I got in so you really need to work the bar to make sure everything is used up. It has a lovely perfumed zesty scent which is a combination of bergamot, lemon and mandarin oils. My bath water felt a lot more silky and luxurious than normal and it had a lovely pink shade to it. Who doesn’t love pink water!

I give it 3/5

Get yours for £3.65 at Lush online or instore