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L’Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in Red Fiction review

loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction

What the brand says
L’Oreal have released their first ever liquid lacquer lip paint that’s bound to wow with supercharged pigments for bold lip colour. Available in 5 shades from the neutral Gone With the Nude to the very bold purple Dark River.

The Lowdown
I feel L’Oreal was a little slow on jumping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon but it’s better late then never. The lip paint has been formulated with a smooth creamy formula for a comfortable finish. Unlike a few other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried Lip Paint Lacquer has a separate brush, like a lipgloss; this is great as I don’t need to use a separate brush. The brush has a slanted side for more precise application, and deposits just the perfect amount of product for the optimum look.

loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction brush

L’Oreal claim that the bold paint like finish will last for 8 hours, which in my opinion is a bold claim to make. I often find brands say their lipstick will last ‘this many hours’ or ‘last all day’ but often they will only last a few hours before needing to be touched up or applied again completely.

The brush makes the lacquer so easy to apply and the formula glided on so smoothly. It doesn’t feel drying at all and is really comfortable to wear, so much so it feels like it has a water based formula. The colour is really bold pillar box red.

I love the bold paint like intensity of the lip colour and the perfect shine. It lasts for at least half a day before fading and that was after eating and drinking. A fantastic lip colour that looks great, smells great and lasts for ages.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £6.99 at Superdrug

If a glossy finish isn’t your style L’Oreal also have a range of Lip paint matte shades for you to try.

before and after loreal lip paint lacquer in red fiction