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L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper review


loreal brow artist plumper review

Whilst natural brows are great, sometimes they need a little helping hand. Whether your brows are too thin or the wrong shape there are literally hundreds of brow products which claim to give you perfect brows.

The latest brow product I set my eyes on was L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. Unlike a lot of brow products that consist of a pencil or brow brush L’Oreal brow artist pen has an applicator in the style of a mascara brush. It’s only available in two shades blonde and dark brunette so there’s not a huge amount of shades to choose from.

The shape of my brows are okay but they are quite thin in places which makes them look quite bare. My left eyebrow is also a little short on the end so I really need a brow product that can make it look fuller without looking fake.

The mascara style brush makes it really easy to apply and manoeuvre the product. It has a gel like formula with added fibres to help add body to your brows to give it a fuller effect. I used the Brow Plumper to fill in my brows and extend them slightly on my left brow where it’s shorter than it should be. My brows are a bit of a odd colour but the Blonde shade was quite a good colour match. After use my brows look fuller and the product does look quite natural which is a plus. The product lasts all day without shifting asides from the end of my short brow where I added a few faux hairs. The fading isn’t overly dramatic though and it still looked like my brow extended that far. I love how neat and tidy my brows look after using the product and how they almost look the same.

l'oreal brow artist plumper before and after

A great brow product that’s easy to use, looks natural and lasts pretty much all day. It’s probably one of the best brow products I’ve used so far. I give it 4/5.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper



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