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Kiko Smart Lipstick in 912 Crimson Red review

kiko smart lipstick in 912 crimson red

What the brand says
Kiko Smart lipstick has a rich nourishing formula that is available is 24 shades. The lipstick range comes in a variety of finishes; full, satin and pearl and has been designed with a smooth texture that helps the lipstick to glide into the lips.

The Lowdown
The lipstick is in shade 912,  a deep raspberry shade.  I’m a bit surprised it’s been marketed as a red as it couldn’t be further from it. It’s definitely more of a grown up pink shade, and as it’s quite dark it doesn’t look overly girly. I don’t know why but I can’t say I really love this shade, there’s just something about it that doesn’t really work.

kiko smart lipstick in 912 crimson red swatch

The lipstick has a super moisturising formula which leaves my lips feeling soft with a glossy shine. Whilst the moisturising formula is great in that it keeps my lips nourished, on the downside this makes it very slippery and the colour quickly fades away. After around 2 hours the colour had completely disappeared.

before and after kiko smart lipstick in 912 crimson red

I’m not the biggest fan of this lipstick, it’s not often I buy a lipstick that comes off in less than 2 hours. Whilst the formula does feel moisturising and kind to my lips the idea of constantly having to reapply the lipstick during the day is quite off putting.

wearing kiko smart lipstick in 912 crimson red

I give it 2/5

Unfortunately this particular shade is not available anymore but 428 Grape Smart Fusion lipstick is a very close dupe of this. Grape Smart is available for £3.95.