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Kanebo Sensai Triple Touch Compact Concealer Review

kanebo sensai triple touch compact concealer review

The Hype
Sensai Triple Touch Compact concealer is a triple action product with a twin concealer and moist powder finish. Available in 3 shades it’s designed to hydrate skin whilst giving flawless coverage. The compact is very unique in that it combines a clear concealer, with a traditional cream colour concealer and pressed powder to add a moisturisng finish.

kanebo sensai triple touch compact concealer inside

The Lowdown
When I was sent some information about this product I was instantly intrigued. Often concealers only have a coloured cream so to have a multi-purpose product with a clear concealer designed to target fine lines and wrinkles was very new to me. It was a interesting concept, although I was a little sceptical if it would work having tried many anti-ageing products that didn’t really have any effect.

after using kanebo sensai triple touch compact clear concealer

The colourless concealer I have to say was very underwhelming. Whilst it is marketed as a colourless concealer it is effectively a primer. The silky cream doesn’t crease and goes on smoothly but really does nothing for my fine lines or wrinkles. If I’m honest I was wondering how a clear concealer could have any effect on reducing the apperance of imperfections and it appears I was unfortunately proven right. This aspect really doesn’t work for me. The traditional concealer does work well in concealing the redness under my eye and has light reflecting properties. The powder finishes the look with a matte effect but it just made the darkness in my eye show through which was quite offputting. After using the products I finished my look with foundation and a normal powder. Under my normal makeup the concealer works a lot better and seems to be more of a colour match then it is worn on its own.

At £30.69 (cheapest I could find it) this is not a cheap concealer and whilst it looks fine under foundation it doesn’t really do anything more then a typical (much cheaper) concealer can do. I would probably give this one a miss.

before and after kanebo sensai triple touch compact concealer

I give it 2/5

Get it for £30.69 here