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How to get free stuff from big brands like Boots and Tesco

How to get free stuff from big brands like boots, Tesco and Marks and Spencers

Have you ever wished you could try out the latest food and beauty products for free? Big brands like boots, Tesco and Marks and Spencer are crying out for people to try out new products before they hit the shelves. By asking you to try out the products they get your opinion and you get to try something new without having to put your hand in your pocket. Here’s sites you can sign up to start trying free stuff.

Tesco home panel

Tesco home panel lets you try out home, clothing, food and cleaning products from their range for free. You will then be asked to fill in a simple survey telling Tesco what you thought. The panel is closed at the moment but keep checking back to see if recruitment reopens
Go here to register

Boots panel

The boots panel allow you to try the latest hair and beauty products for free. Products come unlabelled so you are not bias as to your overall thoughts of the products. As a member in the past I tried lots of products from eyeliners to mascaras and highlighters. Recruitment is open but they’re very selective as to who they’re taking.
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Bzzagent relies on the buzz you create from trying the products they send out to build engagement. You will be asked to share posts on twitter and Facebook, write reviews and more. In exchange you’ll get to try the latest home, beauty, food, suncare and fragrances. You will have to stay active on the site or you’ll disappear off their radar.
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Toluna the massive survey site also have regular product trials. There are a lot of beauty products available however you will have to opt in quite a few times before you get selected.

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How to get free stuff from big brands like boots, Tesco and Marks and Spencers clicks research

Clicks Research

Clicks Research is a global product testing site that gives you the opportunities to try the latest beauty, toiletries, food, drink, clothing and footwear. After trying out the product you’ll be asked to complete a survey which you’ll get clicks points for. Points can later be exchanged for cash.
Sign up here

Alba Science

Alba Science is a home volunteer panel that gives you the opportunity to try out new cosmetics before they hit the shelves. Once you’ve signed up you will be emailed if you fit their criteria.
Sign up here


Trnd is interactive marketing panel that allows its members to try out the latest beauty, beverages, technology, household appliances and online services. Once you’ve tried the product it’s time to share what you think with family and friends. It’s all about sharing the word.
Sign up here

Freebie sites

One of the easiest ways to find out about new products is to sign up to sites like Free Stuff World. A quick google search will reveal all the free sample sites available. The opportunities are very varied and whilst some probably aren’t worth trying you do get some good ones like samples of new snacks or 10 day foundation trial with big brands like Estée Lauder.

Survey sites

Big survey sites like Pinecone, Ipsos and Toluna occasionally offer product tests in their surveys. Not only will you get paid for your time but you’ll get to try something new too. In the past I’ve tried Coca Cola, ice cream, crisps, sweets and so much more. Product tests to tend to consist mainly of food products.
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how to get free stuff from big brands