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Help to buy victimising the single girl

help to buy scheme affordability


When I was growing up I imagined by the time I was 30 I’d be a fully fledged adult with my own house, boyfriend and perhaps a kid. 

What I did not envisage was being single and still living at home. 

Whilst being single is absolutely fine when it comes to buying my own place it provokes a massive problem- I cannot afford it any way shape or form. The government funded help to buy system is supposed to help young people who can’t get the money together for a big deposit- however what it doesn’t mention is their affordability checks makes it very hard for single people to get on the ladder. Each house in the scheme asks for you to earn around £26,000 for a single applicant and around £32,000 for a joint applicant. Now that’s hardly a big leap for two people- but for one it means the difference between being able to apply for the scheme or being singled out.


Unfortunately I don’t earn £26,000 and I don’t know many office jobs in Kent that pay that much. I don’t have a partner currently so I’m just left in limbo. I know I could afford the monthly outgoings on my own but as I don’t earn what they believe is affordable I won’t get a look in. It’s frustrating for me and I’m sure it’s extremely frustrating for other single women in my situation. 

So unless I meet someone, win the lottery or get a better paying job i’ll be living at home for many years to come. Not an attractive prospect! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the situation. 


help to buy scheme affordability