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How to increase your Pinterest traffic to over 60,000 monthly visitors

how to increase your pinterest monthly traffic and get over 60,000 visitors to your blog

Pinterest after google is one of the biggest search engines available and is potentially an unlimited source of traffic for your blog. Unlike other social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest relies on people searching for certain terms or keywords to help them with a problem or query. If your pin is one of the first results to pop up they are more likely to click on your picture and go through to your blog. In July 2017 I was only averaging around 7,701 views a month and did not get much traffic through Pinterest. I had heard of the huge amounts of traffic people got through Pinterest and I was determined to turn it around. Cue my enrollment on Pinterest Unpuzzled, a intensive Pinterest course by Edenfried. By February 2018 I was hitting over 65,000 views per month. Want to know how I did it?

how to increase your pinterest monthly traffic and get over 60,000 visitors to your blog statistics

It became clear to me that to benefit from traffic on Pinterest you really need to become involved within the communities – Pinterest groups. Whether you’re a beauty, money or lifestyle blogger there are hundreds of Pinterest groups that can have thousands of followers. The best place to find groups is PinGroupie, look for groups that have recently been indexed as they’re often the most active. By pinning your photo to as many relevant groups as you can you are increasing your exposure to thousands or potentially millions of people. To truly benefit from the traffic you get from groups first you have to take a few points into consideration.

Organise your boards

If you haven’t yet got around to optimising your boards that’s the first thing you need to focus on. If someone clicks through to your Pinterest and finds old disorganised content they’ll probably move on pretty quickly. If your boards are all neatly organised into relevant topics with attractive bright images they are more likely to stay and repin your content.

Do you have rich pins enabled?

Rich pins is a fantastic way of telling the viewer where the original pin came from, your website and what the post was about. If your image gets repinned thousands of times you’ll want people to know where it came from originally so you can benefit from the traffic it generates. Here’s some tips on how to enable rich pins.

Is your image Pinterest ready

When you upload images onto Pinterest do you consider what size they are? Size is extremely important on Pinterest as smaller images will just get lost in a sea of larger pictures. Canva is a free tool that is perfect for creating pins that are the perfect size for Pinterest. It’s super easy to use and has thousands of templates which you can amend to your heart’s content. Check out my post which details exactly how you can go about creating your first optimised pin on Pinterest.

Once your pins are ready to go you’ll want to start scheduling them.

The people who benefit from the most traffic on Pinterest are those who are the most active. Obviously life is busy and with work and family to juggle you probably don’t have the time to spend all day scheduling posts. The easiest way to stay active on Pinterest whilst only spending around half hour a day on the site is to use a scheduler like Boardbooster or Tail Wind. I personally use Boardbooster and plans start from as low as $5 per month which is what got me to 65k views. If you go for larger packages and you’re very active the potential is endless.

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on!

How to increase your pinterest monthly traffic to over 60,000