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George Ultra Sheer foundation with light reflecting and moisturising effect

Get the dewy effect with George Ultra Sheer foundation

If you’re looking for makeup on a budget then you should look further afield than most traditional budget brands like Miss Sporty and Revolution. George is a brand created by budget store Asda and offers a fabulous selection of clothing, beauty and jewellery. I love their beauty range and recently tried out George Ultra Sheer foundation. I love a foundation that can give me a dewy finish, and with Ultra Sheer’s light reflecting and moisturising effect I was hoping this would do the job.

George Ultra Sheer Foundation aims to leave your skin moisturised and glowing with its light reflecting properties.

I picked the lightest shade in No. 1 Porcelain and whilst it looks darker than my skin tone, on application it appears to be quite a good match to my skin tone. I didn’t notice any tide marks or any unwanted orange tide marks.

It is quite a light foundation that works well if you don’t need too much coverage. As it has a dewy finish it isn’t really suitable for oily skin.

I only needed one application of foundation to cover most of the face and I love how my skin was left glowing with a dewy finish.

This is a great budget foundation that really adds vibrance and luminosity to otherwise dull skin.

I give it 4/5

What do you think of the foundation? If you’ve tried it I’d love to know what you thought – let me know in the comments box below.

Want to know what other George makeup is out there? Check out what I thought of their revamped makeup range – it certainly looks more premium then budget brand

 george ultra sheer foundation

george ultra sheer foundation review


The product is a fabulous beauty buy as you can get it for under £10

A little foundation goes a long way

Leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh

Feels lightweight on my skin


You can only get it in one location

Not suitable for those with oily skin

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