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Face B4 Anti-bacterial Face Wash Review

Are you fed up of fighting blemishes every day? 

The Hype
Face B4 is clinically proven to help transform your bad skin. The combined cleanser and toner is the marketed as the UK’s most effective antibacterial face wash. It uses a unique dual action blending system that contains a patented ultra biocidal complex including Salicylic acid to help remove impurities. Over time you’ll find spots, blemishes and redness are reduced.

The Lowdown
I’ve generally been quite lucky with my skin and don’t often suffer breakouts. However like everyone I do get the odd spot and redness and I’m desperate to blitz it as soon as I spot anything!

Cited as the UK’s most effective antibacterial face wash, I was excited to try the latest miracle product on the market. Funnily enough just before I tried this out I did have a bit of a blemish that had popped up on my cheek.

The face wash doesn’t have much of a smell and instantly foams on application. The instant foaming means you don’t have to really lather it in and you can quickly wash your  face. I didn’t notice too much of a difference after use although my face did have a bit more colour to it.

Whilst I haven’t tested the product over a long time to see its full effects I can confirm after use my face felt soft and the product isn’t harsh or drying. I’m keen to see the real impact it has on any future blemishes!

I give it 3/5

You can get it for £14.95 on Boots online 

It is sold out at the moment so it may be a little bit popular!

What do you think of Face B4? Have you tried it yet? I’d love to hear your views.