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Unless the goddess within with Eye of Horus Goddess mascara

Discover the power of Egyptian makeup with Eye of Horus Goddess mascara

Eye of Horus want you to awaken the goddess within with their Moringa Oil enriched mascara. Their Eye of Horus Goddess mascara comes beautifully presented with a large bag that is filled with black tissue paper imprinted with the Eye of Horus label. The packaging itself is lovely and really stands out with gold lettering and the iconic Egyptian eye icon.

eye of horus goddess mascara review

Unlike a lot of makeup brands that use a lot of artificial ingredients, Eye of Horus embraces primarily natural ingredients in their products. They base their ingredients and formulation on how the Egyptians created makeup, incorporating natural waxes and plant based ingredients into all their cosmetics. The mascara has a volumising hourglass silicon brush with massed bristles that flex to capture every lash.

I found the mascara was easy to apply and didn’t irritate my eyes, although there was a small amount of clumping. I was able to get it into the inner corners to coat the smaller lashes but I can’t say the overall effect was any different to a typical high street mascara. Whilst it gives the typical results I’d expect from a mascara, the added ingredients such as Moringa oil are something not often used in mascaras and a promising step away from artificial ingredients.

I give it 3/5

Have you tried any of Eye of Horus makeup before? What did you think? I’d love to know your thoughts!



Get yours for £17.00 at Eye of Horus UK

*this was sent as a sample to test

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