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Get amazing long curly lashes with Essence Super Curl Volume mascara

get amazing long curly lashes with essence super curl volume mascara

Essence are one of the few budget friendly brands that can create mascaras with the wow impact. The budget friendly brand has products ranging from £1.00 to £10.00 so it appeals to everyone from teenagers to the middle aged. You can even treat yourself in that final stretch before payday. A while back I tried Essence Lash Princess False Lash effect mascara after seeing a rave review and was pretty impressed with the results. On a recent shopping trip I discovered Essence Super Curl volume mascara which is one of two new mascaras, the other new release is Essence Volume Hero mascara.

essence super curl volume mascara review

Essence Super Curl mascara claims to be eye opening and has a slightly curved brush with varying sized bristles. The moment I swept the mascara against my lashes I was amazed at how it defined and curled them with ease. The formula is not too wet or dry and is perfect for defining my lashes and fanning them out. The brush feels comfortable on my eyes and does not irritate the delicate eye area. I was able to layer the mascara without my lashes getting too clumpy and they still looked defined. The brush isn’t overly small on the end but I still managed to capture most of my smaller lashes. After finishing applying I would say there were very minimal clumps on a few lashes that did need separating. My lashes still feel really soft with the mascara on and not hard and rigid like some mascara formulas. By the evening my lashes still look lifted and curly. I did notice however small drops of mascara that occasionally appeared under my eyes.

When you find a mascara that does what it says the first moment you use it you need to hang on to that. It’s a great budget friendly price of £3.00 and so worth it. Buy it now!

I give it 4/5

essence super curl volume mascara before and after



get amazing long curly lashes with essence super curl volume mascara