Dainty Doll Eyeshadow base makeup review


If you’re a eyeshadow fan it can often be a pain when your eyeshadow fails to last the whole day.

There are many eyeshadow bases out there that are designed to prolong the life of your eyeshadow and often intensify the colour.

Dainty Doll eyeshadow base is a eyeshadow base designed with longevity in mind. It has Vitamins A, E and C to help reduce wrinkles and age spots, Shea butter to help protect and restore and Rice bran to condition and protect the eyes. It is designed for longer lasting crease proof eyeshadow and can be used with or without eyeshadow.

The base comes in a cute little box with a quirky picture of a pale ginger girl on the front. As the range is designed by Nicola Robert’s of Girls Aloud fame it has characteristics that are very quirky and imitable of the singer.

I applied the eyeshadow base on one eye and left the other bare to test the strength of the base. After applying the eyeshadow I compared the two and did feel there was slightly more glow to the eyeshadow on the eye with the base. By the end of the day however I felt that there was very little difference between the two, probably around 1% at the most.

I felt it was a cute little product but didn’t seem to have much of a effect on sustaining the life of a general matte eyeshadow. With its added vitamin products and added glow it has some benefits but may have more use on glitter or cream eyeshadows that are more suspectible to fading quickly.

dainty doll eyeshadow base applied on the right eye
Dainty Doll eyeshadow base is on the right eye
Dainty doll eyeshadow base with eyeshadow
Dainty Doll base with eyeshadow applied
Evening view of dainty doll eyeshadow base
Later on in the evening

I give it 3/5


  • Quirky packaging
  • Has added vitamins A, E and C, Shea butter and Rice bran
  • Adds a slight glow to the eyeshadow


  • I didn’t feel it had much of a effect on the shelf life of the eyeshadow once it’s applied

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