Creightons Keratin Pro Professional Haircare Shampoo and Condition review

creightons keratin pro shampoo and conditioner

What does Creightons say Keratin Pro shampoo and conditioner can do?

Natural Keratin helps to provide hair with strength and structure. This natural protein is often affected by styling, colouring, ageing, UV rays and urban pollution that can leave hair damaged, dull and frizzy. Creightons Keratin Pro Shampoo and conditioner are designed to help boost hairs natural keratin levels providing protection against heat styling and pollution. The products help to repair damage and stressed hair cells and over time hair strength is rebuilt and elasticity restored helping to reduce frizziness and tame flyaways. Your hair is left looking smoother and more manageable.

The Lowdown

When I was asked to test these I was surprised by how premium they look considering they retail in Poundland for the grand price of £1.00. The packaging is silky and polished and the wording really stands out in gold lettering against the red background.

They both have a lovely scent that isn’t overpowering and lingers on the hair for a long time after it has dried. After applying the shampoo and washing it out I felt my hair was slightly knotty but soon took on a smooth feel after applying the conditioner.

Once my hair had dried my hair felt really smooth and soft and it was really easy to manage. When styling my hair I didn’t use any extra product and my hair had a really nice natural shine.

A great set of products that are really cheap but perform really well considering their price. I give it 4/5

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The whole range is available at Poundland stores

creightons keratin pro

*after is on the right in case you weren’t sure.


  • Amazing budget buy at £2.00 for the pair!
  • Leaves hair soft, shine and easy to manage
  • Helps to repair hair and restore its natural elasticity


  • None that I could see!

get glossy hair with creightons keratin pro professional shampoo and conditioner