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Get whiter teeth in 2 weeks with Colgate teeth whitening pen

colgate max white whitening pen results

Inside: Want whiter teeth in two weeks? Find out how with Colgate teeth whitening pen

It’s been a long time coming and I apologise for the delay but I can now reveal the results of the Colgate teeth whitening pen. For more information read my first impressions here.

When I was first offered the opportunity to try the gel I was really excited. Colgate is a major player in the dental industry and I imagine they probably put a lot of research and man hours into the formulation of the product.

Unlike a lot of other whitening products, the pen was easy to store, really easy to use and with a pleasant minty taste it tasted amazing for a whitening product. There was also no residue and no drool, which i’m sure you’d agree is one of the worst side effects of a lot of teeth whitening products.

The pen says you can use it for two weeks or till the pen runs out and I decided to try and use it to the end. Unfortunately that’s where I started to become forgetful and kept forgetting to use it and take pictures of the before and after. Hence the late review. So I’m basing my results on the two weeks that I put my full dedication into the review.

I found when I was using the pen my teeth definitely seemed brighter. I did notice however my teeth seemed whiter at the start of the test then they were later on which didn’t make much sense. This may be due to the light I’m not quite sure. Once I stopped using the pen my teeth went back to their normal shade of off white.

The Colgate Max White pen definitely brightens teeth and whitens them to a extent but the change disappears after use. It’s non invasive, tastes great and is a reasonable price so for a whitening product you can’t go wrong as long as you’re willing to maintain the upkeep.

I give it 4/5

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colgate teeth whitening pen