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The Benefit Hervana experience


When I think of a harvana I think of paradise and that was exactly the effect Benefit were hoping to achieve on their latest product launch party.

Linked as a collaboration between Benefit and Elle magazine the party was exclusively for competition winners and those who were invited.

When we were allowed into the event area I was amazed by how different to a normal event it was. Instead of a room full of chairs there was a large swimming pool with large flowers floating within as well as candles. There were comfy lounge sofas and wooden benches all around. The luxurious image it conveyed was that of a harvana – well done Benefit

As part of the night we got to choose one treatment each – nails, massage and brows. I had been wanting to get a better shape so I went for the brow treatment. It involved waxing – ouch. My friend went for the nail treatment and got a lovely purple nail varnish painted on.

There were waiters constantly coming round with canapes of lamb, chilli with chicken, ham wraps, goat cheese cakes and the best little mini fish and chips – they were gorgeous.

For dessert we had pancakes with a choice of banana, chocolate, cream, sugar and cinnamon and lemon juice. What a feast.

Now the best treat had to be the naked butlers wandering around. They had nothing on but a apron and their bodies and bums were amazing! I even got a man sandwich 🙂


Finally on our way out we all got a cute little goody bag with a complimentary Hervana blusher and a Benefit Hervana umbrella – nothing like a bit of free advertising I guess!

I was surprised there was no free Elle magazine considering they sponsored it

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Location:Haymarket hotel