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How to become a morning person

how to become a morning person

Whilst the idea of a perfect day may be to jump out of bed at 6am, refreshed and ready to take on that early morning spin class, ultimately reality is very different. Whilst we may start the week vowing to be that morning person, the pull of the cosy duvet and sleep filled eyes make our desire to press the snooze button take over. Whilst it may be hard at first there are many benefits to learning how to become a morning person, including more time to do what we want at our own leisure.

Avoid the snooze button

Sounds obvious right? Every time you press that snooze button you’re delaying the inevitable and ultimately making it harder for you to get up. Avoid that ‘just 5 more minutes’ philosophy and get up the moment you hear that alarm.

Go to bed earlier

One of the main reasons we don’t want to get up in the morning is because we feel like we haven’t got enough sleep. It may take a little while to find how much sleep is right for you so try a few different bedtimes and see what time you wake up the most alert. Ideally we need at least 7 hours of sleep a night to keep our mind and body healthy.

Don’t keep changing your wake up time

Do you find yourself getting up at 11am at the weekend but 6am during the week? Different wake up times can confuse your brain and body and ultimately lead to sluggishness as it constantly tries to adjust. Try to stick to one time and the tiredness should clear as your body gets used to a certain wake up time.

how to become a morning person go to sleep when you're tired

Go to bed when you feel tired

You may have a particular bedtime but if you’ve had a long and exhausting day you’re likely to feel more tired then normal. If you feel tired go to bed or you’ll end up becoming over tired and not be able to sleep.

Set up a night time routine

If you struggle to get to sleep you may need to create a bedtime routine. Start off by winding down and avoid anything that makes your brain think like puzzles. Drink a relaxing tea like chamomile and settle down with a good book. If you read in bed you’ll find yourself naturally getting sleepy. Lavender is great for inducing sleep as it helps you to relax and unwind. Sprinkle a few drops on your pillow, lay back and let it take effect.

Avoid TV and mobiles before bed

You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times but using your phone and watching tv before bed can make it hard for your brain to relax. Mobile phones especially have blue screen light which is notorious for keeping you awake.

how to become a morning person soak in natural light

Soak in natural light

It’s a lot easier in summer to soak up natural daylight but it’s still possible during the winter months. The suns rays help us soak up vitamin D which we need for healthy calcium and phosphate production.

Get those legs working ASAP

When you hear that alarm get out of bed and start getting ready for your day. Lolling about in bed will make you feel lethargic and more likely to drop back to sleep.

Schedule fun things in your week

I don’t mean a night in the pub in Friday but regular outings in the week. You could organise dinner with your friends or the cinema so you’ve got something to wake up in the morning for.


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