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Babyliss Curl Secret the ultimate curling product for 2013


The new Babyliss Curl Secret is a revolutionary new hair styling product.

With its unique technology the styler works by pulling your hair into the chamber and holding it there for a series of several beeps whilst the curl is set. It effectively takes all the work out of styling your hair.

Having seen the video on the Boots website whilst shopping for the Advent calendar I had to say I was suitably impressed. A product that curls your hair for you? Amazing!

Watch the Styler in action:

The product comes with a heat mat, and a set of instructions. I advise you to read the instructions or you will regret it. There is one rule to using this product, and if you don’t obey you will not get the results you desire. The styler has to be held with the sticker facing your scalp to avoid your hair getting tangled in the workings. It can be quite difficult to get adjusted to the various spatial awareness as the mirror reverses the image and can get you confused. The best advise I can give is to swap the styler over to your left hand when curling the left side of your head and the right hand when curling the right. When you need to curl the back of your head pull the hair around to the front so you can avoid blind styling.

There are two heat settings and three timer settings with audio beep indicator for different curl effects. Whilst warming up the heating indicator will flash and will stop once it’s ready. If you leave the product on for longer then twenty minutes without using it the sleep mode will come on and shut the styler down so you don’t accidentally burn down the house.

It took me around twenty minutes to completely curl each section of my hair and the results are simply fantastic. The curls last for hours and even then only slightly lose their lift and movement. When you brush the curls out the next days your hair is left bouncy and volumised.

When using other curling products like tongs or GHD’s my hair rarely stays in for longer then a couple of hours.

Whilst the Babyliss Curl SEcret is not exactly cheap at a retail price of £119.99 it is well worth its price tag. With perfectly formed curls that rarely fall out, extra volumised hair the next day and a styler that does all the work for you what more could you want?!

Put it on your Christmas list girls.

I give it 5/5

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