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Asda George 3D Fibre Lash Mascara review

George 3D Fibre Lash is part of the Spring 2016 makeup releases from Asda.

Over the last year fibre lashes have risen in popularity due to their ability to really boost and transform your lashes. Asda launched a Fibre Lash mascara last year but the new 3D Fibres has been transformed into a gold tube with a emphasis on the 3D aspect.

Having tried a few of George’s mascaras in the past I’ve always been fairly impressed with the results especially in comparison to the cost of the mascara. I like the packaging as the gold tube makes it look more premium than it actually is. It has quite a long bristle brush with a pear shaped wand that starts out wide and narrows inwards towards the bottom. George 3D Fibre Lash aims to extend and curve your lashes so I was excited to see the kind of result I would get.

The formula is not very wet and quite drying so whilst you definitely won’t get clumpy lashes you won’t get a bold finish either. Unlike a lot of fibre mascaras it didn’t have any additional fibres which can irritate the eyes. It did separate my lashes and they did look defined but I was really hoping for more of a stand out look. The long wand was great at capturing every lash but I can’t say there was much added curl or length. Up close my lashes look lovely but from afar you don’t really notice much of a difference. I was expecting a bit more impact form this mascara which is a shame but at only £3 you’re not splashing out so it can be hit or miss. I would say this mascara is perfect for a casual day when you don’t want to dress up too much.

I give it 3/5