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6 hassle free ways to earn free money

Want money for next to nothing? Well I’ve discovered 6 ways you can get free money right now

6 hassle free ways to earn free money

I bet you wouldn’t say no to free money right – I certainly wouldn’t. Well you’ll be excited to know there are many new financial companies offering new ways to bank – and they’re giving you free money for you to try it out.

What are these new companies offering free money?

With the internet came a whole new way of banking. No longer are you restricted to just bricks and mortar, you can now use your phone to pay using sophisticated technology. These new apps combine traditional and internet banking so you have the best of both worlds. You can use it instead of/ in addition to your normal bank or as a way of saving money if you find it hard to save. They pretty much all have a debit card available if you want to use the account the traditional way too. Here’s all the best ways to get free money.


Oval is a innovative digital savings account that lets you save and invest in a number of ways. The app is set up so you can save in steps, these can be set up to fit in with your lifestyle so you can make the most of your savings. Ways you can save include:

I only have the spare change step set up and you can see what I’ve saved in just two weeks already.

The app also monitors your expenses so you can see what you’re spending every month. It used read only access to your bank account to monitor this and a Direct Debit is set up to transfer your savings in. Once you’ve started saving you can transfer your money into investments like Fixed Rate and Protect Water.

Sign up with the code KCRN9GZU and once you’ve made your first transaction we will both get £5.00

6 hassle free ways to earn free money monzo


Monzo is a virtual account that you can use in addition to your main bank account. It has its own debit card so if you want an account where you can put all your spare spending money this is perfect. It monitors everything you’ve spent money on as soon as you spend it so you’re always on track. They even offer a overdraft up to £1,000.00 with fees of just 50p a day if you spend over £20.00 of that.

To get a free £5.00 you simply need to order a card and make your first transaction. It can be as small as 50p, you’ll still get your money! Sign up here


If you ever get fed up with having to take out all your bank cards, then you’ll love the ease of using Curve. The app allows you to upload all your card details onto the app and then you can use your Curve card to spend money from those accounts. It also allows for at least 1% cashback from selected retailers and gives you an exclusive Loungekey. The Loungekey will get you into airport lounges for a discounted rate of just £15.00 per person. Even better when you go abroad Curve doesn’t change fees on spending up to £500.00 per month with the free blue card and £15,000 per year on the black card (there is a fee for this). ATM usage is also free to a certain point, the frequently asked questions can tell you more about this.

Simply sign up using this link and we’ll both earn £5.00

6 hassle free ways to earn free money monese

Monese has the biggest free money bonus

Monese is an all singing, all dancing online current account app. It’s completely digital so you have the freedom of using it anywhere in the world (as long as you have a internet connection of course!). You can have your salary paid into it, shop online, make purchases with it and withdraw money from ATMs. Depending on how you’ll use the account there are three price plans, free, plus and premium. If you’re making a lot of international transactions they recommend Plus or Premium to avoid high fees. The free account is perfect for those who mostly spend money in the UK.

Sign up using my referral code KATHE664 using the following link. You’ll get a £15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. The debit card which is normally £4.95 will also be free.

Meet Cleo

Meet Cleo is a advanced budgeting app that lets you see everything linked to your main bank account. There’s no need to spend hours scouring your bank account for what you’ve spent and what you’ve got left over – Cleo does it all for you. There are options like how’s your budget, a breakdown of your spending and the genius ‘can I afford that pizza’. You can set the notifications on so it notifies you of anything of interest. You can also set it up to save money automatically or by choosing to put money aside for a rainy day.

Sign up using my link and we’ll both get £5.00. You only need to link your account and set up a wallet, you don’t need to top your wallet up if you don’t want to.


Plum is very much like Cleo in that it can assess your bank account and automatically decide what you can afford to save. You can adjust the saving amount depending on how much you want to spare. Plum also offers a investment option and offers you the chance to split your savings into your savings and investment account. If you choose to invest you can opt for a Stocks and Shares ISA or General Investment Account.

Sign up and you’ll earn £5.00

So in the space of half hour you’ve earned yourself £40.00 for doing very little. Not bad going huh! If you love this post don’t forget to share on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook so everyone you know can get their free legit money.

6 hassle free ways to earn free money