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5 great ways to wear skinny jeans

Love your skinny jeans? Here’s 5 ways you can wear them for a different look every day

5 Great Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans

Years ago, when skinny jeans made their debut in fashion stores, most of us assumed they would be a passing trend and nothing else. Skinny jeans, however, decided to stay, and today they are much more than a trend – they are a classic denim style which can be worn on almost any occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear your favourite pair of skinny jeans, read on.

5 great ways to wear skinny jeans With ankle and tall boots

With ankle and tall boots

Let’s begin with footwear: skinny jeans are incredibly versatile and look great when worn with pretty much any type of shoes. Still, it seems like women love pairing their skinny jeans with tall boots the most since they fit so nicely. Because they are very narrow to begin with, skinny jeans look great with knee-high boots but also with over-the-knee ones, and this combination makes your legs appear much longer. Not all women feel comfortable wearing the latter, but if you pair it with a long and flowy top, it can look very stylish and classy.

5 great ways to wear skinny jeans With heels

With heels

Another way to visually elongate your legs is to combine them with high heels, i.e. basic pumps with slightly pointed toes. As sexy and appealing as this might seem, you should pay attention to the rest of your outfit. If you have a pear or apple body type, you might appear heavier in the middle than you actually are because the combination of high heels and skinny jeans will give the impression of a very narrow “base”. If you’re hoping to avoid this, you can always wear longer tops that reach past your hips. Longer jackets and loosely-belted shirts also look good when combined with skinny jeans and heels if you’re aiming at a bit more formal look.

5 great ways to wear skinny jeans With blouses

With blouses

You can easily wear your jeans to the office if you pair them with the right pieces. The safest colour for the office is of course, black, and nothing beats a good old black-and-white combo. Pair your favourite Mavi high waisted black skinny jeans with a feminine bow blouse, put on a smart jacket, and you’re ready to go. If you’re worried that your blouse is see-through, simply wear a flesh-toned camisole underneath. You can also choose simple button-down blouses too, tuck them in, and add a stylish belt. This look is a bit more formal and you can spice it up with some statement golden jewellery. 

5 great ways to wear skinny jeans With long cardigans

With long cardigans

For those who aren’t fans of blazers but would still like to layer their outfits, a great alternative comes in the form of long cardigan sweaters. Stylish yet casual, these are great for less formal days at work or for going out for a cup of coffee with friends. Long cardigans should go past your body’s curves and cover your hips and bottom. For a more playful look, add a belt to define your waist, and a scarf in a pretty print.

5 great ways to wear skinny jeans With tops

With tops

It’s easy to get carried away with wearing Levis skinny jeans, but you should always remember that they are very form-fitting, which means that you should balance them out by wearing longer-line tops or tunics. We already mentioned that women who are self-conscious about their thighs or tummies can always mask these problem areas with longer line pieces that will help create that long, lean look which makes skinny jeans so popular.

Skinny jeans are absolutely wonderful due to the fact that when they are combined with the right pieces, they can make any girl look and feel amazing. They are a great piece that’s been around for more time than people believed they would. The best way to find the style that makes you feel good is to experiment with different pieces and outfits until you find something you’ll fall in love with.

Guest post by Diana Smith

5 different ways to wear skinny jeans